SA COLOR was created in 1994 and has developed a deep expertise in colors and dyeing. The company started to diversify its activities in 2001 and includes now five segments covering food, cosmetic, industrial pigments, textile and printing inks.

Our department of Research & Development is the heart of our strategy, which is clearly illustrated by our patented products: EFFERCOL®, EFFERCOS®, WATERSPERSE®, EASYSPERSE®, and ENVERT. These products are at the leading edge of technology and meet the highest standards in terms of ecology and quality of life at work.

SA COLOR is ISO 9001/2008 certified and follows the principles of HACCP. The quality and monitoring of our products, backed by a rigorous laboratory control are our key assets, as well as compliance with environmental and regulatory standards.

Our technical and commercial services are composed of professionals who have for most of them both long practice and industrial experience.

COLOR SA is also the guarantee of a global service network based on a transcontinental distribution organization. The speed of delivery is one of our forces on the national and international market and remains the prime objective of our logistics service.


1/ Food dyes

2/ Textile dyes

3/ Pigments for cosmetics

4/ Pigment pastes for paint and art paint

5/ Industrial coloration

6/ Dyes for formulation

Food dyes

SA COLOR offers a complete range of dyes and pigments for food industry.

Our range of food products :

* Dyes and pigments Effercol®
* Synthetic Dyes
* Natural Dyes
* Liquid dyes for coloration of seed
* Food Pigments (iron oxides and titanium dioxide)
* Aluminic lakes
* Possible mix on request

EFFERCOL® is a patented technology which followed 3 years of development. It revolutionizes the world of food dyes thanks to its advantages :

* Simplicity of use (free-flowing)
* Dust free : save on cleaning costs, operators health, suppression of crossed pollution
* Self-soluble (dyes) / self-dispersible (pigments) in cold water : homogeneous solution without mix
* No addition declaration required : just the EU Code (same as classical ones)
* Attractive costs
* 30 to 40 % less heavy metals content than in classical dyes
* Effercol® Titanium Dioxide without nano-particles

Our Effercol® technology can be applied to all the synthetic dyes, food pigments and to some natural dyes.

Fields of application :

Petfood industry (dog and cat food) is the main user of our Effercol® dyes. SA COLOR is the market leader since many years
Our Effercol® dyes are also used in the industry of :
* Drinks
* Candies
* Pastries

Textile dyes

SA COLOR commercialises dyes and auxiliaries for textile industry.

Our force remains in our technical lab, which is capable to answer your technical studies very quickly and to help you concerning the problem you could meet.

We offer a complete range of dyes, for all kind of fibres :

* Dyes for cellulose fibres
* Dyes for polyamide fibres
* Dyes for wool, leather, silk
* Dyes for polyester
* Pigment pastes for textile impression

We offer also a complete range of auxiliaries, according to your specific needs.

Our commercial and technical team is at your disposal to guide you in every step of the application of auxiliaries and dyes.

Pigments for cosmetics

WATERSPERSE® pigments are self-dispersible in cold water, which eliminates the constraints linked to grinding and dust, decreasing though the risk of crossed pollution and cleaning costs.

Watersperse® technology is applicable to inorganic pigments : suppressing the grinding, the add of surfactants, leading to a significant improvement of the smoothing effect. Watersperse® contain up to 83 % of bio products.

Watersperse® product range :

* Iron oxides red, yellow, black
* Titanium Dioxide
* Ultra marine Blue
* Chromium Oxide Green
* Carbon Black

We also sell D4-D5 free silicones and lakes for cosmetics.

Pigments peintures

SA COLOR commercialises a complete range of pigment preparations for a wide majority of textile fibres, indoor and outdoor paints, printing inks, paper, latex, and wood staining.

Our COLORPASTE range counts two types of dispersions :

* Aqueous dispersions for textile impression, pigment dyeing of all substrates in textile industry.
* Water-based dispersions stabilised by optimised blend of surfactants. These pigment dispersions are mainly used for indoor and outdoor paints, art paints, cement, wood, soap coloration.

Advantages :

* Incorporation by simple mixing
* Possible mix between different pastes
* Useable in tinting machines
* Very good resistance to sedimentation
* Low foaming
* Constant viscosity

Colorants industriel

EASYSPERSE® pigments are dust-free and self-dispersible in cold water without agitation. They are compatible with aqueous paints and enable to present a paint in powder.

EASYSPERSE® technology is a range of patented products which revolutionizes the world of pigments and present many advantages :

* Self-dispersible in water-based solutions
* Without grinding
* The covering power is maintained
* Dust free, which suppress the risk of crossed pollution
* Without VOC
* Without fungicide
* Very long shelf date
* Maximum colour strength

This is a new generation of pigments.

Colorants pour la formulation

We commercialises a range of dyes specifically adapted to formulation.

Applications :

* Engine break liquid, cooling system liquid, suspension liquid, etc.
* Heat-transfer fluid, antifreeze, windscreen liquid, etc.
* Washing liquid, cleaning liquids, etc.

Range of colours :

* Yellow, Orange, Red, Turquoise, Blue, Green, Rhodamine et Fluoresceine.

Our technical team will be glad to help you with colours and possible applications.


Satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of our policy, and we always improve our management quality system in order to be always in line with our customers’ needs.

We have started our ISO quality process in 2000, date of our first certification. Our society is ISO 9001:2008 certified and, due to a constant improvement care, SA COLOR follows the HACCP process and the principles of Good Manufacturing Process.

Everyday, we look for means to guarantee to our customers products of quality, healthy and with a complete traceability.

We select our partners on the basis of rigorous requirements.

Our lab, composed of experimented technicians, controls and registers all the products coming in and out.

Our synthetic food dyes are Halal et Kosher certified.

Our new factory, inaugurated in June 2013 is the reflect of our will to be involved in a quality process, environment friendly.

- Water used essentially for cleaning of soils and machines is retreated by a specific and homologated procedure.
- Our brand new de-dusting machines ensure a reject rate validated by the Carsat below 0,3 mg.
- The level of noise is below 50 decibels.

Certification Halal Certification Iso:9001 Certification Kasher


SA COLOR is now represented in Europe, North and South Africa, Latino America, Russia, Turkey, thanks to an itinerant commercial team and transcontinental distribution networks.

Carte de distribution


SA COLOR – 38 Ancienne Route de Duclair – BP 116 – 76380 CANTELEU

Phone : 0033 (0)2 32 83 24 24 – Fax : 0033 (0)2 35 36 85 09

Mail adress : contact@sacolor.com